Imagination, in smart mobility matter, is the only limitation!

FPInnovations’ PIT Group is fully committed to the development of smart vehicles, and has been for quite some time!

FPInnovations was already developing smart vehicles before the expression became popular.

Smart vehicle technology has developed significantly since our very first research on heavy-duty vehicles in 1980. But it is on this solid base that our team continues to build, leading us toward the most highly innovative sustainable mobility concepts today. Although it is always very present in the technological development of heavy-duty vehicles, our team is also working on innovative concepts for electric and smart urban and institutional mobility.

Smart Mobility History at FPInnovations

1985 – Development of a trajectory measuring device for an articulated vehicle before the advent of the GPS.
1988 – Development of a tire pressure monitoring system to adapt the trucks’ traction to road conditions.
1990 – Trial and development of onboard scales for trucks, to ensure compliance to load and dimension regulations.
1999 – Installation of the very first onboard computers to monitor driver behaviour with GPS!
2000 – Probe trucks to assess the condition of unpaved roads to develop a preventive maintenance program.
2003 – Real-time onboard feedback systems for drivers.
2009 – Category 7 hybrid delivery trucks.
2012 – Platooning tests with Peloton Technologies.
2014 – Development of electric shuttles for passenger transport.
2015 - Manufacturing and showcasing autonomous electric shuttles
2015 - Launch of the autonomous vehicle program for heavy vehicles and electric shuttles.


At the end of 2013, Calgary Airport launched an international call for tenders for the development and manufacturing of a compact electric transportation system consisting of 20 electric shuttles with a unique design.

It was a major challenge, as the design, prototype manufacturing, testing and delivery of the 20 shuttles was to be done within 30 months! FPInnovations’ PIT Group gathered four Quebec partners (Precicad, Kargo, Institut du vehicule innovant and Deutschman Design) to respond to the call for tenders and win it.

The shuttle supply chain is mainly composed of Quebec companies, on top of the five main partners. FPInnovations plans to use the same platform for a fully autonomous electric shuttle.

Electric Shuttle at EVS29 in Montreal, June 2016

Project as presented in 2015 at COP21 :

Source: Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC)

See new YYC LINK electric shuttles, to start operation Oct 31 2016



The enthusiasm shown for PIT Group’s shuttle is due to its significant flexibility, the little infrastructure required for its implementation and its unique design, making it an iconic vehicle where it is deployed. The needs expressed by potential users include a vehicle that could be operated outdoors during winter time. PIT Group’s team and its partners are already working hard at the development of such vehicle.


PIT Group is partnering with major OEM throughout the world to accelerate the development of a level 3 class 8 truck. Our goal in not only to develop the truck but also to bring together all the stakeholders such as technology developers, legislators, administrators etc to make sure that everyone has a critical role to play to make automated trucks possible.