PIT Group’s Applied Research Program, provides customized technological solutions and assistance to trucking or public service fleet managers, who want to improve efficiency and performance, reduce the cost and environmental impact of their operations or improve operational safety.

  • PIT Group Decision Process. A program advisory committee formed by the PIT Group partners meets once a year at the PIT Group Annual meeting to collect PIT Group partners’ project ideas which will be used to set the PIT Group’s priorities. The transparent decision process for the PIT Group’s Applied Research Program is managed as follows:
    • PIT Group partners submit issues requiring solutions;
    • The PIT Group analyzes and groups these project recommendations by themes and objectives;
    • The PIT Group identifies and defines a series of projects that are recommended to the PIT Group partners;
    • PIT Group partners vote on recommended projects for the coming year. Each PIT Group partner has 10 voting rights that it can apply separately to projects or regroup some voting rights to one or more specific projects that it believes deserves more attention.
    • According to the PIT Group partners’ vote and budget, the PIT Group selects the projects that are to be executed during the year.

Should a PIT Group Partner’s priorities differ from those projects elected by the PIT Group partners or if the PIT Group Partner requests work where results cannot be shared with other PIT Group partners, PIT Group researchers can be hired at a significantly reduced cost to undertake such mandates.



PIT Group services helps us make clear decisions about new technologies to acquire.


With the changes we’ve made to our trailers based on data from PIT testing we’re cutting fuel use in heated trailers by as much as 20% and realizing fuel savings of up to 6% in refrigerated trailers. Using the disciplined PIT testing protocols allows us to focus our efforts on managing our fleet operations. The ability to access this test data is the process we are using to determine the viability and credibility of the innovations available to us today.



A PIT Group Partner has privileged access to various inclusive services that offer an immediate return on investment.

Services included for PIT Group partners:

  • General access to our experts’ advice (phone or email)
  • Energotest ® results*
  • Reports on the Applied Research Program
  • Voting rights on the Applied Research Program
  • Access to PIT Group partners network
  • Forum-type discussions among PIT Group partners
  • Rebates at all PIT Group activities
  • News, case studies and electronic bulletins


  • Immediate access to the results of over 270 tested technologies. This represents an investment of 3 million dollars in testing.
  • Save time and money and let an unbiased third party test the new products and technologies instead of doing it yourself. Access to 100% guaranteed information.
  • Concentrate your efforts on best practices implementation in your fleet.


The discounted pay-per-use services are billed and invoiced independent of the PIT Group Partnership and are governed by separate service agreements with their own terms and conditions.