An Ongoing Success Story…


FPInnovations’ Transport Group was one of the founding programs of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) in 1975. From the creation of the Institute, it was an established fact that transportation is one of the keys to the success of the Canadian forest industry. Over the years, the Transport Group has remained an important part of FPInnovations for its offer of services to the members of forestry operations.

Due to numerous concerns in the road transport sectors and forest industry, an increasing part of FPInnovations’ work has focused on the road transport sector.

In 2007, FPInnovations’ Transport Group set up an initial project dedicated to the road transport sector by implementing the first Energotest campaign.

The success of this initiative led to the creation of the PIT Group at the beginning of 2008. By the end of that same year, the PIT Group’s first six partners, from Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, had joined them.

Partner numbers have not stopped growing since, extending from coast to coast and, more recently, from the northern boundaries to the southern ones. The notoriety of the PIT Group continues to be on the rise and its work is now cited by numerous national and international organizations.


1975 to 2007 - Forest transportation era
General freight sector requested engineering services
2007 - First Energotest: 19 technologies… 7 worked!
50 fleets traveled to our headquarters to hear the results of the first Energotest!
2008 - PIT Group was born!
2008 - First PIT Group partners
2015 - PIT Group opens an office in USA