ACT Expo recap

May 28 2019

For the second time, FPInnovations’ PIT Group took part in the annual Advanced Clean Transportation Expo (ACT) held in Long Beach, California from April 23 to 26 with a booth set up in partnership with Propulsion Québec. PIT Group promoted its services and opened the door to future collaborations with new partners.

Inroads were made with delegates from an American freight transportation organization to establish a partnership with PIT Group to support their fleet fuel efficiency program in the U.S. The Expo also gave rise to a potential collaboration with an American compressor manufacturer to test an electric air compressor for diesel engines.

“The Expo was a great opportunity for PIT Group to promote its services, such as the Energotest™ fuel efficiency tests, the verification of electronic logging devices (ELDs), and testing and developing smart transportation solutions,” says PIT Group industry advisor, Marc Trudeau. “We have research capabilities that are in high demand and the Expo allowed us to introduce our expertise to a new audience who may eventually become clients.”

The event attracted nearly 4,000 attendees who were drawn to the Expo’s showcase of real-world applications of the latest transportation technologies, drive trains, and clean fuels. The common message heard at the Expo was that the battery electric vehicle (BEV) is the preferred direction of a large number of manufacturers.

“Electric vehicles are built with a new powertrain system that is yet to be certified for fleets. The trucking industry is following the development of this new technology, but they rely on us to define its requirements and limitations,” says Trudeau. “Canada has very difficult weather conditions and BEVs will be impacted, so as a neutral and independent organization, our members depend on Pit Group to advise them and we’re equipped to test BEVs.”

PIT Group attended the Expo as part of Propulsion Québec’s exhibit that included The Lion Electric Company, Canimex Group, FLO, and Ecotuned Automobile. Propulsion Québec is a non-profit organization that marshals stakeholders in the Quebec transportation industry around collaborative projects to develop and deploy smart and electric ground transportation technology.

For more information on PIT Group, contact Marc Trudeau.