Alternative fuels are a great opportunity at the present time for reducing the operating costs of a fleet of vehicles… but the challenges are great as well. Each provider will present its fuel offer as the best and will present the advantages, without making mention of the challenges. Since it is a strategic decision of the greatest importance that is at stake, it can’t be taken lightly. The PIT Group’s experts are keen on implementing natural gas, propane, biodiesel and electric vehicles in industry. They are familiar with the pitfalls and the necessary steps for making your conversion successful.

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Western Hub Natural Gas Vehicle 101 Workshop

The transport sector is increasingly interested in natural gas and the PIT Group is determined to support this trend by encouraging its partners and every organization in the transport industry to attend free of charge, specialized workshops focused on natural gas vehicles (NGV).

NGV 101 Workshop features the following highlights:

  1. NGV overview;
  2. Factory-built vehicles and engines;
  3. Refueling stations;
  4. Facility modification and safety;
  5. Case Studies;
  6. Networking opportunities and access to industry experts;

For further information, please contact or contact us at 1-855-472-1159

** The Western Hub is made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada.