Eco-Trucking (Ecocamionnage )

June 06 2017

Québec’s minister of Finance, Mr. Carlos Leitão, recently announced the renewal of the Écocamionnage program, which is excellent news for Québec carriers, but also for companies across the world that provide products to carriers with trucks registered in Québec.

Companies with a place of business in Québec can send their certification request directly to the department of Transportation.
However, carriers wishing to use technologies from companies which are not present in Québec can submit their certification request themselves.

In both cases, PIT Group can help complete the certification request and perform all tests. Know that the tests are generally financed at 50% by the Écocamionnage program.

Message to technology providers: The Écocamionnage program also offers a technology demonstration program. This demonstration program allows to collect relevant data to certify your technology and demonstrate its value in various applications. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this program. It finances 50% of admissible expenses for demonstration purposes. PIT Group can support and make your product a true success.