The biggest success factor of a technology is the confidence that the performance claims are accurate and real.

PIT Group has many of the largest and most progressive fleets in the industry as partners. These partners rely on Energotest results assurance that their technology purchase will perform as expected and that they can count on a return on investment.

Energotest is a neutral road test laboratory that uses the most stringent protocols of the industry to measure the exact performance of a technology and provide you and your customers with precise, reliable and verified third-party data on the performance of your technology.

Our vast network of fleet partners guarantees that your product will be tested in the most accurate conditions possible with innovative fleets that are looking for the best new technologies.

Energotest provide indisputable results to:

  • Carriers – Fleet managers quickly know which technology stands out and can invest with full confidence.
  • Suppliers –  Certify and prove the value of your technology. Backed by conclusive Energotest results, your technology has excellent credentials to accelerate its implementation and adoption amongst the industry.
  • Governments – Rely on those results and PIT Group’s expertise to guide and refine rules and legislation.

What you get when you register to Energotest

  • A customized report on your technology’s performance
  • Indisputable results and guaranteed credibility
  • Priviledged access to the PIT Power trademark to use in your selling tools and promote the value of your technology in the market
  • Recognition at the annual review with the PIT Group’s partners

Register for Energotest

September - October 2023