Fleet Efficiency Review and Green Freight Assessment Program

September 26 2018

Fleet Efficiency Review is a comprehensive analysis of fleet maintenance practices offered by PIT Group. This complete analysis includes recommendations leading to a fast return on investment. It provides key information and an action plan that can help carriers stay abreast of best operational practices and meet their operational goals.

To do so, PIT Group, in cooperation with the fleet’s equipment and maintenance management team, identifies the strengths as well as the areas for improvement, and then delivers a clear picture of operations, how they compare to the industry and what immediate actions need to be taken to positively impact costs.

The cost for Fleet Efficiency Review is calculated based on fleet size and variety. A full analysis covers vehicle acquisition and disposal, and maintenance practices.

Furthermore, PIT Group has been selected to perform the technical audit of Natural Resources Canada’s Green Freight Assessment Program, which provides contributions up to $10,000 to Canadian companies to review the state of their fleets to help make informed decisions to reduce their fuel costs, and their greenhouse gas emissions. A few PIT Group members are already participating in this program and will soon benefit from grants and credits.

The final results and personalized recommendations will be delivered to participating companies in November. Successful program applicants who complete an assessment will be considered for participation in a Pilot Implementation Project, providing funding up to $100,000 to help finance solutions as outlined in the assessment. These companies will have an opportunity to promote the results of their assessment and indicate how the program led them to their newly efficient operations.

The deadline to apply for your green freight assessment has now passed, but you can apply again in Spring 2019 as the Green Freight Assessment Program will be opening a second round of application.

For more information about these programs, please contact: Marc Trudeau, 514-782-4711 or Simon Trudel, 514-782-4386.