FMCSA requires ELD providers to certify that their solutions meet the regulation requirements. How can you be sure that the ELD solutions registered on the FMCSA are in fact compliant?


The PIT Group ELD verification program is a systematic process that monitors that tests were performed according to the FMCSA requirements. ELD suppliers that are successfully verified will obtain a certificate of compliance along with the authorization to refer to PIT Group as their third-party verification service on their marketing material.  Based on the same principles of accounting verification, the PIT Group ELD Verification will verify test results and process for all 8 elements required by FMCSA’s ELD Test procedures.

The thorough process performed by our highly qualified team includes remote, on-site and in-vehicle verification.


Since 2007, the trucking industry has come to PIT Group with a very similar concern: How can we be sure that the vendor claims whether they be aerodynamics or other technologies be as good as what the supplier claims?  Similar question, similar answer!

PIT Group’s Energotest became the industry standard to measure green technology performance. It is natural that the industry turned to PIT Group for ELD verification. ELD suppliers can now rely on PIT Group to demonstrate that the verification process was thorough and third-party verified.

Implement an ELD Solution that was VERIFIED BY PIT GROUP

Elements verified by PIT Group ELD Verification :

  • Accounts
  • Vehicle Interface
  • ELD Inputs
  • Processing
  • Recording
  • Monitoring
  • ELD Outputs
  • Data Transfer

Carriers using ELD solutions

Select an ELD Solution that will provide you peace of mind, select an ELD that was PIT Group verified.

Fleets are looking for ways to reduce their risk in choosing an ELD supplier.  The consequences of a non-compliant product being self-certified are too great. PIT Groups’, third-party verification of compliance is the assurance that fleets are seeking.  PIT Group’s extensive expertise in ELD regulations in Canada and US, along with their rich history of testing puts PIT Group in a perfect position to expertly evaluate ELD solutions.

The worse thing that could happen is that a fleet purchases, installs, trains drivers and managers, and collects HOS records on a system that is later found to be non-compliant. In that case, your fleet would have eight days to deploy a new system.

Knowing that your ELD system has been verified as compliant provides extra assurance and reduces the fleet risk.

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ELD solutions provider

Stand out by providing your customers with assurance that your product truly meets FMCSA Standards.

This question is currently preoccupying the trucking industry and many carriers have voiced their concerns. Companies have been contacting PIT Group to obtain support. As a recognized expert in the US ELD regulation, PIT Group has been leading the development of the Canadian ELD mandate.  This puts PIT Group in a position to understand the impact of these new rules on the industry.

The possibility of ELD suppliers to self-certify their product concerns the trucking Industry and the American Trucking Association stated clearly that they prefer seeing a 3rd party verification process established.

The ELD certification process is complex. Noncompliance may lead to a quick and costly replacement of all units in the fleet or worst, to serious and onerous legal challenges for both carriers and ELD suppliers.

Download PDF Document here.