Fall 2018 Energotest Edition a Success

September 26 2018

The PIT Group conducted its latest Energotest edition, an event that aims to provide precise, independent, indisputable data on the economic and environmental impact of green technologies. This fall edition was held in Blainville, from September 4 to 14, and focused on a variety of products: the consumption of regional and long-distance tires, aerodynamics, additives and hydrogen kits.

Several clients were present: Continental, Double Coin Tires, dynaCERT, Extek/Utec , Michelin Aerodynamic Solutions, and STEMCO, along with several members-collaborators on the track: Centre de formation du transport routier de Saint-Jérôme (CFTR), Centre de formation en transport de Charlesbourg (CFTC), SLH Transport, Villemaire Pneus et Mécanique, and Vitesse Transport, the newest fleet to join the member roster at PIT Group.

We would also like to thank our members Trans-West, Groupe TYT, SLH Transport, and Robert Transport for their support in the recruitment of suppliers.

In this edition, more than 20 000 kilometres were driven, 800 litres of fuel consumed, 432 tires changed and 2 700 bolts retorqued. What is left to do is checking all the data and writing the reports to complete the work!

Talks are already underway with some providers for the next edition to be held in the spring of 2019. We hope that we can count on your cooperation to refer us the providers reaching out to you. The success of our Energotest editions often depends on you.

Don’t hesitate to contact Marc Trudeau at 514-782-4711 or Simon Trudel or 514-782-4386 if you wish to discuss future opportunities or if you wish to know more about Energotest.