FPInnovations and Auburn University Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Road Tests in the United States

May 30 2018

Auburn University and PIT Group combine their expertise to conduct independent and certified ENERGOTEST road tests on American soil

MONTREAL – May 30, 2018 – FPInnovations through its PIT Group, a research and engineering group for the North American transportation industry, and Auburn University announce today that they are signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to conduct independent and certified road tests in the United States. Under this MOU, the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) and the PIT Group will offer their services to technology suppliers for validating and certifying their products or equipment in a controlled environment on American soil.

The MOU will enable the PIT Group to conduct road tests, under the Energotest banner, with the support of Auburn University’s expert team through a partnership with NCAT, which will give them access to a unique 2.75 km (1.7 mi.) oval test track. Among the services offered are on-track and on-road fuel consumption tests conducted according to stringent TMC and SAE standards. Both parties have also agreed to share the technical and mechanical resources required for these tests.

The MOU sets the stage for holding test campaigns according to a more flexible calendar owing to the geographic location of the university. As a result, testing will be more accessible for companies that would otherwise not be able to participate in the PIT Group Energotest campaigns because of travel distances and related costs. In fact, a Florida company has already expressed its intention to use the joint services of the two partners to certify its technologies.

PIT Group is delighted by this association with Auburn University, which will enable us to conduct even more tests throughout the year,” pointed out Yves Provencher, Director, Market and Business Development, Transportation Group. “We are convinced that the university’s distinguished reputation, combined with PIT Group’s unbiased professional services for verifying and certifying technologies, will pave the way to many successful collaborations that can only be beneficial to technology suppliers and transport companies in the United States.

Auburn University in Alabama offers a comprehensive engineering program at its Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. In 1986, in partnership with the National Asphalt Pavement Association, it founded NCAT to offer practical research and development services to meet road infrastructure maintenance needs in the United States. Auburn University is already a partner of FPInnovations since it signed, in September 2016, a technology MOU related to the pulp and paper industry.

Auburn Engineering and NCAT are committed to building partnerships that advance transportation infrastructure and technology to improve people’s lives and bolster the economy,” said Christopher B. Roberts, dean of the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. “Over its 30-year history, NCAT has built an international reputation for addressing next-generation infrastructure needs through pioneering research and unparalleled training and education programs. We look forward to advancing these goals through our collaboration with the PIT Group.

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About PIT Group
PIT Group, a division of FPInnovations, is a neutral, third-party organization that focuses on testing technologies and evaluating operational effectiveness for member fleets. PIT Group’s four main areas of focus: testing fuel efficiency of technologies using its Energotest, verifying that ELD solutions meet the U.S. and/or Canadian requirements, assessing fleet operations for areas of improvements and research, testing and developing smart mobility solutions. PIT Group’s Energotest is recognized in the trucking industry as the gold standard for fuel economy tests and is ISO 17025 certified. Fleets across North America rely on PIT Group’s insight and advice because of its operations and maintenance expertise.

Media contact:
Karine Seguin
Marketing Services Coordinator
PIT Group (FPInnovations)

Technical contact:
Yves Provencher
Director, Market and Business Development – Transportation
PIT Group (FPInnovations)