Government of Quebec: New Action Plan for Electrification in Transport

On October 9, the Government of Quebec announced the implementation of the 2015-2020 Transportation Electrification Action Plan, a new program that aims at taking advantage of the technological and economic potential of the province of Quebec while contributing to the fight against climate change.

The plan primarily focuses on the following objectives:

  • Increase the number of electric vehicles in Quebec’s fleet;
  • Take part in the fight against climate change and in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Reduce oil dependence and therefore improve Quebec’s trade balance; and
  • Contribute to Quebec’s economic development by banking on a promising industry and using the electric energy available in Quebec.

Among other objectives, the Government of Quebec aims to increase the number of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles in the province’s fleet to 100,000 by 2020. To that end, the government relies on the province’s hydroelectric power capability to propel transportation while improving the quality of the environment—a cost-effective solution from all points of view.

This new action plan, composed of 35 concrete measures, will benefit from a global budget of more than $420 million. It aims at promoting the use of light electric vehicles, developing innovative solutions for freight transportation, identifying research and development efforts, and supporting marketing and export of innovative products from the province of Quebec.
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