Great Success for Toronto’s CFMS

June 06 2016

This year, the Canadian Fleet Management Summit (CFMS) was held during the 2016 Truck World event on April 13, in Toronto, ON. This event, organized jointly by PIT Group and Newcom Business Media, reunited the American Traffic Safety Services Association, the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association, the Ontario Trucking Association and the Transportation Maintenance & Technology Association in an event that followed PIT Group’s previous conference.

Good Representation for PIT Group

The event brought together all industry stakeholders, such as maintenance specialists, manufacturers, researchers and law enforcement officials. The day started with a discussion panel on the electronic revolution and the future of trucking, including many networking breaks. The various guests, directed by facilitator Rolf Lockwood, editor and founder of Today’s Trucking, debated on the role of new applications in forest operations and what the future has in store.

The CFMS conference featured many presentations, including Yves Provencher’s, director of PIT Group. Yves spoke about the approach for the test results provided by manufacturers and government agencies, and the way to interpret test methods in terms of precision and reliability. The presentation then focused on the procedure to move from test results to a successful technology implementation.

CFMM Award by Volvo

For the 26th consecutive year, Volvo gave its prestigious CFMM (Canadian Fleet Maintenance Manager) Award to a fleet manager, for his performance and exceptional contribution to the heavy trucking industry. The jury is comprised of an independent committee of past winners and industry professionals.

This year, Volvo’s prize was awarded to Mike Gaudet, Vice-President, Fleet Management and Equipment Purchase at Armour Transportation Systems. This is a very special prize for Mike, as it not only recognizes his accomplishments as a fleet manager, but it was also awarded to his father, Alban, 19 years earlier, for the same company! PIT Group would like to congratulate Mike and Armour Transportation Systems for this award.

For more information, please contact Yves Provencher.