PIT Group Launches PIT Crew USA Subscription Program

October 30 2018

Exclusive program grants full access to PIT Group’s timely and concise Energotest™ results that transportation industry decision-makers depend on

Austin, Texas – On October 29, 2018, at the ATA Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE), FPInnovations’ respected transportation-research division, PIT Group, announced the launch of the all new PIT Crew USA subscription program that will bring together transportation professionals and independent energy-efficiency research data to create impactful and sustainable solutions for the transportation industry.

PIT Group is making available to non-member US fleets, a decade worth of track-testing research data valued at more than $4 million. The data provides precise and neutral results of the efficiency of various technologies available on the market, providing fleets with in depth information about what works best so they can make the best purchasing decisions.

PIT Crew USA subscription includes priority access to Energotest™ test results, individually requested by fleet owners themselves, as well as PIT Group’s regular update of testing results and their related data. Subscription also includes access to PIT Group’s eHub forum for questions and answers addressed by PIT Group experts and members who share their experience and knowledge.

We’re creating a community of transportation industry professionals and helping them make daily decisions that impact their companies’ bottom lines by providing them with unbiased test results of fuel-efficiency technologies. The PIT Group concept is unique and efficient because it evaluates several technologies using quantifiable and unbiased methods.”

Jean Hamel, FPInnovations Vice-President, Industry and Member Relations

This type of access to leading-edge energy-efficiency tests is unprecedented. PIT Crew USA will eliminate the guesswork for many fleet operators in selecting the right technologies for their businesses as well as take over the scientific testing required to evaluate new technologies, which can be prohibitive due to the expense and labour demanded by the rigorous Energotest™ certified testing process.”

Business Development US Consultant, Dwayne O. Haug

Subscription to PIT Crew USA will be based on a renewable annual subscription independent of membership to PIT Group. The program is fully operational and industry professionals can sign up immediately by contacting Dwayne O. Haug.

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About PIT Group

PIT Group, a division of FPInnovations, is a neutral, third-party research organization that exclusively focuses on testing technologies and evaluating operational effectiveness for member fleets. PIT Group’s four main research areas are: testing fuel efficiency of technologies using its Energotest™ program, verifying that ELD solutions meet U.S. and or Canadian requirements, assessing fleet operations for areas of improvements and research, and testing and developing smart mobility solutions. PIT Group’s Energotest™ is recognized in the trucking industry as the gold standard for fuel economy tests and is ISO 17025 certified. Fleets across North America rely on PIT Group’s insight and advice because of its operations and maintenance expertise. For more details, visit www.thepitgroup.com.

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