This component certifies the real impact of your product on fuel economy. This becomes an indisputable selling feature.

The certification obtained with PIT POWER is unique and renowned worldwide in the transportation industry. It enables you to clearly present your product’s performance to your potential clients. It validates your company and your products with an official certification. Valid for three years, certification is proof of the efficiency of your product, through a rating that indicates the percentage of possible energy savings by using your technology.

To define your product’s performance rating, it will be tested at our road test laboratory called: ENERGOTEST

Certification benefits

  • Indisputable results and guaranteed credibility
  • A report on the performance of your technology
  • The possibility of using the PIT POWER trademark in your selling tools to promote the value of your technology in the market
  • Visibility on PIT’s website
  • A public awareness campaign
  • Recognition at the annual review with the PIT Group’s members

To obtain more details on the PIT POWER program, download our PIT POWER guide.