This component provides you with the necessary support to maximize the performance of your product. 

This component allows you to work with engineers, specialized resources, sounding boards and a team of external consulting services. They guide you in a customized approach aimed at improving the development of a high-potential, innovative product to ensure its success among fleet administrators.

Our specialists know and understand the transportation industry’s needs. The research and development component has been established to help technology suppliers meet standards and improve the performance rating of their products.


Whatever the stage of your product’s development, PIT POWER can help you with a tailored approach.

Research and Development Component Advantages

  • Maximized your innovation and your benefits
  • Access to specialized resources in engineering and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities
  • A customized development plan
  • Make the best choices for the industry and your own organization
  • A brand new business success!

To obtain more details on the PIT POWER program, download our PIT POWER guide.