Renewed opportunity for joint research projects

February 01 2019

The awarding of a $2.78-million budget to the Centre d’innovation en logistique et chaîne d’approvisionnement durable (CILCAD — Centre for Innovation in Logistics and Sustainable Supply Chains) of Laval University in Quebec City keeps an avenue open for joint research projects with PIT Group. CILCAD’s research is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with road transport and the handling of goods.

The additional funds will permit the Centre to continue its mandate until 2021. The Centre brings together university professors, outside researchers, and students to develop and work on research projects directly affecting companies that generate the flow of transported goods. Its research activities involve stakeholders in both industry and government. Pit Group subscribers can benefit from CILCAD’s mandate by proposing projects that address logistical and supply-chain challenges they face, as well as projects that would benefit the environment.

PIT Group has a seat on the executive committee filled by industry advisor and researcher, Marc Trudeau. PIT Group is also a partner in a CILCAD study analyzing transportation logistics in order to reduce GHG emissions originating from wood sorting centres and transit yards.

As a neutral, third-party organization that focuses on testing technologies and evaluating operational effectiveness for fleets, PIT Group’s research interests dovetail with those of CILCAD, which are to develop knowledge in the field of road transport; promote collaborative research activities between researchers and partners; and enable the reduction of fuel consumption and GHG emissions from road transportation and cargo handling through exploratory studies and demonstration projects.

For information on the program and submitting a research project, please contact Marc Trudeau.