Third-party verification: A key step in accelerating new technology implementation in fleets

March 01 2018

Acquiring and implementing a new technology for a fleet constitutes significant and expensive investment. Therefore, it is important to select a technology whose performance has been verified by independent experts to avoid unexpected hurdles or outcomes.

Many carriers already rely on Energotest, a testing program developed by PIT Group that evaluates fuel-efficient technologies in a controlled environment. With new rules such as the one allowing suppliers of electronic logging devices (ELD) to self-certify their products, third-party technology verification has never been more important.

Nobody would trust suppliers that run their own fuel economy tests to demonstrate the performance of their products. It should be the same with every technology, especially when safety is concerned. The recent history with ELD has shown that self-certification has its limits and that third-party verification is necessary in that case, too,” emphasizes Yves Provencher, PIT Group Business and New Market Development Manager.

PIT Group, a neutral testing organization, has developed an ELD verification program, consisting of a systematic process that verifies that the ELD performs according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements. Based on the same principles as accounting verification, the PIT Group’s ELD verification program will verify test results and processes for all eight elements required by FMCSA’s ELD test procedures. ELD suppliers that are successfully verified will obtain a certificate of compliance along with the authorization to refer to PIT Group as their third-party verification service on their marketing material.

Independent verification of technology provides fleets extra assurance that the technology they invest in respects the industry standards. It accelerates the implementation of technologies and consequently, saves time and money for fleets.

Technologies showing large fuel economy gains have largely been implemented to date. Carriers are now looking at technologies that provide very small gains to improve their competitive advantage. A stringent verification of their performance is therefore important. Carriers can rely on programs such as the PIT Group’s Energotest to assist in the process of proper selection of fuel-efficient technologies. No one wants or needs to rely on suppliers that conduct their own testing to attest to their own product’s performance,” explains Dwayne O. Haug, PIT Group Business Development Consultant for the United States.

The testing organization builds on the success of Energotest which became the industry standard to measure green technology performance, as well as other testing services such as emission testing, providing carriers and government officials with unbiased results.

PIT Group will attend the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition taking place March 5–8 in Atlanta, Georgia. Look for manufacturers and fleet operators showcasing the sign “Verified by PIT Group” and meet Yves and Dwayne at booth 1355 to learn more about how PIT Group supports excellence in North America’s transportation industry.

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Business Development Consultant

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Director, Business Development – Transport

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