Cooperative Truck Platooning systems are closer to us!

October 06 2016

Did you know that the National Research Council Canada (NRC), Transport Canada, the University of California at Berkeley’s Partnership for Advanced Transportation Technology, Volvo, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and the PIT Group are currently working together at Transport Canada’s Motor Vehicle Test Centre in Blainville?

Their common goal? To carry out tests on a prototype Cooperative Truck Platooning System (CTPS), which was developed by PATH. CTPS could have a major impact on your transport operations for the years to come.

Just like “drafting” in NASCAR, CTPS allow trucks to travel in close formation to gain aerodynamic benefits.  Testing will help quantify the potential fuel savings and environmental benefits of the technology. Vehicles will also be tested to determine how closely they need to following, to obtain optimal aerodynamic benefits. This is the first time CTPS have been tested in Canada!

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