Yves Provencher leaves the PIT Group

September 26 2018

It is with regret that we announce the departure of Mr. Yves Provencher, Industrial Sector Leader, Emerging Markets.

After 34 years at FPInnovations, Yves has decided to seek new challenges and has accepted the position of Senior Director, Business development at La Compagnie Électrique Lion, a manufacturer of electric heavy trucks.

We thank Yves for his significant contribution to FPInnovations as well as to PIT Group’s success that is in fact celebrating its tenth anniversary this October! The organization is booming and will continue to expand its impact and its services in the industry across North America.

Until we complete the hiring process for his replacement on the various projects, please do not hesitate to contact the following people:

Transport fleets, members, and member projects: Marc Trudeau | 514-782-4711

Technology testing, Energotest, and technical contact: Marius Surcel | 514-782-4519

Intelligent mobility projects: Edouard Proust | 514-782-4389

Rest assured that our priority is to ensure that our clients and partners continue to enjoy excellent quality of service that meets their expectations.